WISPR Bibliography

The following is a list of WISPR-based science papers. This page will be updated periodically as new papers are published. This list does not include Abstracts for scientific meetings and presentations.

In-flight Calibration and Data Reduction for the WISPR Instrument On Board the PSP Mission
Hess, P.; Howard, R.A.; Stenborg, G.; Linton, M. and 7 more (PDF preprint here)

Tearing Instability and Periodic Density Perturbations in the Slow Solar Wind
Réville, Victor; Velli, Marco; Rouillard, Alexis P. and 4 more

Simulating White-Light Images of Coronal Structures for Parker Solar Probe/WISPR: Study of the Total Brightness Profiles
Nisticò, Giuseppe; Bothmer, Volker; Vourlidas, Angelos and 4 more

Parker Solar Probe Observations of a Dust Trail in the Orbit of (3200) Phaethon
Battams, Karl; Knight, Matthew M.; Kelley, Michael S. P. and 3 more

Detailed Imaging of Coronal Rays with the Parker Solar Probe
Poirier, Nicolas; Kouloumvakos, Athanasios; Rouillard, Alexis P. and 13 more

Morphological Reconstruction of a Small Transient Observed by Parker Solar Probe on 2018 November 5
Wood, Brian E.; Hess, Phillip; Howard, Russell A. and 2 more

WISPR Imaging of a Pristine CME
Hess, Phillip; Rouillard, Alexis P.; Kouloumvakos, Athanasios and 6 more

Near-Sun observations of an F-corona decrease and K-corona fine structure
Howard, R. A.; Vourlidas, A.; Bothmer, V. and 23 more

Simulating White Light Images of Coronal Structures for WISPR/ Parker Solar Probe: Effects of the Near-Sun Elliptical Orbit
Liewer, P.; Vourlidas, A.; Thernisien, A. and 5 more

Tomography of the Solar Corona with the Wide-Field Imager for the Parker Solar Probe
Vásquez, Alberto M.; Frazin, Richard A.; Vourlidas, Angelos and 4 more

Observing the corona and inner heliosphere with Parker Solar Probe
Nisticò, G.; Bothmer, V.; Liewer, P. and 2 more

Monolithic CMOS detectors for use as x-ray imaging spectrometers
Kenter, Almus; Kraft, Ralph; Gauron, Thomas

Stray light analysis and testing of the SoloHI (solar orbiter heliospheric imager) and WISPR (wide field imager for solar probe) heliospheric imagers
Thernisien, Arnaud F. R.; Howard, Russell A.; Korendyke, Clarence and 3 more

Stray light testing of WISPR baffle development model
Hellin, M. -L.; Mazy, E.; Marcotte, S. and 3 more

The Wide-Field Imager for Solar Probe Plus (WISPR)
Vourlidas, Angelos; Howard, Russell A.; Plunkett, Simon P. and 24 more

Predictions for Dusty Mass Loss from Asteroids During Close Encounters with Solar Probe Plus
Cranmer, Steven R.

Seeing the corona with the solar probe plus mission: the wide-field imager for solar probe+ (WISPR)
Vourlidas, Angelos; Howard, Russell A.; Plunkett, Simon P. and 16 more