WISPR Data Release Notes

Data release history notes

This page will be maintained with up-to-date information about the released versions of WISPR data, and notes regarding any revisions made to the data products.


An error was detected in L2 high cadence images originally taken on January 28, 2020. These files have been corrected and re-released as Version 3. The calibration version is not changed, so the VERS_CAL keyword remains "20200915" and the related L1 files are unimpacted.


The calibration paper for the PSP/WISPR instrument has been published: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2021SoPh..296...94H/abstract. Copies can be obtained from the Solar Physics journal website or by emailing us at 7680_WebMaster@nrl.navy.mil.


As of the data release on September 15, 2020, a number of steps in the calibration pipeline used to create the L2 data have been added or altered. These data are denoted by the VERS_CAL header keyword, where data that had been processed with the calibration as originally developed is marked as 20191112 (corresponding with the original release of orbits 1 and 2.). The new data has a VERS_CAL set to 20200915.

  • CAL1 20190304..20190325 and 20191226: non-science data moved from L1 to CAL1
  • L2 V2, orbits 1-3: Updated calibration (VERS_CAL=20200915) that includes the addition of a non-linearity correction to address a lack of consistency in the A-to-D converter; an update to the optical distortion model to better match the observed stellar field; the constant calibration factor used to convert from DN to MSB; the value used for the stray light that is subtracted in the outer telescope; and some normalization to account for a change in the gain setting used to take the images, beginning in orbit 4. The specifics of these changes will be explained in an upcoming paper (Hess et al, in preparation) and the WISPR team can provide any needed clarification to the changes made to the calibration pipeline.


  • L1 V2 orbit 1: Mask trim error fixed for 20181110 outer (Bug 528); updated distortion parameters. 
  • L2 V3 orbits 1-4: Error in NBIN2 header keyword fixed (Bug 527).
  • L2b/L3 orbits 1-4: Reprocessed to incorporate L2 V3 and VERS_CAL=20200915.